Houston Palestine Film Festival

Sharing the stories of Palestinians through cinema

Houston Palestine Film Festival
500 Crawford Street Apt 542
Houston, TX 77002


Date: Sunday May 15, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM
Place: Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Trip Along Exodus, by hind Shoufani, is a feature-length documentary exploring the last 70 years of Palestinian politics seen through the eyes of the filmmaker’s father, Dr. Elias Shoufani. A leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization the author of 25 books, and leftist intellectual, Shoufani was one of the leaders of the opposition to Arafat within Fateh. The film follows his story from 1948 under occupation, to his receiving a PhD from Princeton in the 1960s, to him giving up tenured professorship to join the underground PLO in Beirut. He lived there before moving to Syria, where he is in exile in war-torn Damascus.

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